Monday, March 7, 2011

The Nursery

Well, now that my girls are approaching 5 months, I am feeling their nursery is pretty much complete. I am pretty pleased with the final product, considering I bought almost everything in it without seeing any of it together until we moved in! Yes, there are things I would love to add/change, but quite honestly, I'm tired (and Kyle insists that replacing the ceiling fan with a chandelier is not necessary). And now have a whole house I am wanting to buy things for. So for now, I think we'll leave it be. I think the girls like it, too. Which is good, because it is their room.

I was definitely fretting about both of the girls' cribs fitting in the room in spite of the fact that I measured and re-measured before our house even had walls. But it turns out they fit perfectly.

These are probably my most favorite thing in their room. These beautiful ballerina paintings hung in my mom's room when she was a little girl. I actually stumbled upon them when I was taking stuff to one of our storage units that had a few things from my grandmother's house. I fell in love with them and knew they must go in the nursery (maybe because I secretly hope at least one of my girls falls in love with ballet the way I did as a little girl) :). The mattes were a little aged, so I just had new mattes put on them at Hobby Lobby.

I wanted something really sweet and simple for above their cribs. I found these vinyl monograms on etsy and really like the way they turned out.

My sweet friend, Russhel, made the girls' bedding. She did a phenomenal job, and it was so much fun to pick out the exact fabric I wanted for it. I seriously think I could have chosen a gazillion different fabrics, but I ended up choosing something pretty girly.

And my personal favorite place in the nursery, the rocker. If you've never had the opportunity to rock a baby, it's the sweetest thing in the world (yes, I have rocked both of my girls at once-doubly sweet! And also a bit challenging to arrange when I'm by myself)

I found this pillow on etsy after the girls were born. I loved the big ruffle around the edges. And I knew I wanted their birthday prominently displayed somewhere in their nursery.

I never had wanted the girls' room to have a "theme", but I guess you could say it has ballerina "accents." I found this cute statue at Marshall's this summer. And whenever I was unpacking the girls' books for their room, I stumbled upon the book on the top shelf that was one of my favorites as a little girl (Ballet Shoes). I thought it was only fitting it be displayed. The rest of the items on the shelf were gifts from very sweet friends.

I think I proably get more compliments on the changing table than anything. I found this dresser at Mockingbird Manor back when Kyle and I were engaged. I fell in love with the color when I saw it. In our old house, it was our bedroom dresser. But I knew if we ever had a girl it would move to the nursery. :) I also love the way it looks with the pale pink walls. The mirror I found at Home Depot (thanks, Ashley!), and my sister made the darling bow holder for me. I have also since gotten a different (taller) lamp.

(from the entry)

This darling little bulletin board was yet another sweet gift. Some of the pics on it so far (in case you can't see), are one of me while pregnant, a baby pic of both Kyle and I, their birth announcement/Christmas card, and valentines made for them by their cousin, Montana. :)
The one thing I didn't purchase before we moved in was curtains. I just wanted to see everything together before deciding what color/what type of curtain to get. Ideally, I had wanted to get some made, but again, we have a whole house to decorate, and I didn't want to splurge on custom curtains. So I found these pretty ones at Target for $10 a panel. I just bought one panel for each window and ended up not liking the way it looked. After staring at them for weeks, it finally dawned on me that I could buy some silky, white ribbon and create the kind I originally had wanted. So, voila! I hope it doesn't look too "do-it-yourself-ish." I actually really love the final product!

I always knew I wanted some kind of sweet "sister" reference in the girls' nursery. I stumbled upon this quote while pregnant, and I absolutely love it. So I just printed it on pink paper and framed it on the wall outside the nursery.

My sister found these adorable hooks at Ross before I found out the twins were girls because she was so certain that they were. They worked out perfectly for the entry. Good job, sis. :) Oh, she also made the cute sign for our hospital door. What would I do without her? And my dad, believe it or not, bought the "Twins Napping" sign in the hospital gift shop the day before I had the girls.

And how could I forget my inspiration (for the nursery, and life itself)? ;)

So there you have it! I think what I love most about their room is that it is a collection of things I love and things given to us from people we love. And I get to walk into it every morning to these two sweet faces. I promise we'll have lots of fun in it, girls! ;)



  1. Steph! You have done so much. Looks wonderful. Love the curtains.

  2. looks amazing! And that pic of the girls made me smile. Both of them are seriously so beautiful. I am in so much trouble.. how will I ever control my shopping habits for these two? Aunt Sara cannot wait to take them on special shopping trips :) They will have lots and lots of Stella & Dot jewelry before you know it!

  3. The nursery is beautiful! The girls look darling! Hehe, made me smile!