Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Having a Monday on a Tuesday

Yep. It's just one of those days. I'm thinking my girls must have sensed the gloomy weather and decided to act a bit gloomy themselves. They are usually so bright, cheery, and perky in the mornings and fall asleep almost on cue for their morning nap without the slightest bit of a struggle. Not this morning. So after I reached near melt-down proportions, and the girls decided to quit protesting their nap, I decided it was time for some coffee. And apparently also time to spill half of the coffe grounds all over the counter, stove, and floor. Perfect. Just one of those mornings. Then, I came across this blog post on my blog roll this morning. How did she know this was just what I needed to read today? I felt such relief reading this that I stole her blog heading. And allow me to re-post this wonderful quote:

"But then I remind myself that perfection has no place in parenting, and 'for life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.'" -Kahlil Gibran

She also shared this wonderful article, which was a great reminder on what we should all seek as parents. I desperately hope that one day when I ask the girls what they remember most about their childhood, it's not that I was always cranky, always made them clean their rooms, or always worried about everything being perfect. I hope and pray with everything in me that the answer falls somewhere along the lines of how much fun we had. And believe me when I say it's a struggle for me to not act like the prior example most days.

If I could, I would raise my coffee mug this morning in a toast to you on celebrating being a non-perfect parent and focusing on the fun (important) stuff.

Cheers! :)


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  1. I need that every morning! Hope your day gets better.