Monday, March 21, 2011

Stella and Dot

I'm super excited to become a part of this insanely awesome line of jewelry!

My sister introduced me to this amazing company and all of the great things that are going on in it. As soon as I saw the jewelry, my thought process went something like this:
1. I want it. All of it.
2. Um, but I can't afford all of it.
3. How can I get as many of these pieces as possible?
4. "Oh my gosh, ___________ (fill in blank with friend) would LOVE this piece!"

And so began my new venture as a stylist with Stella and Dot. Before you roll your eyes and start screening my phone calls (no, I will not be pressuring you to purchase things you can't afford or host awkard parties that no one cares to come to), it's not like that. I truly just wanted to be a part of this great organization, get lots and lots of their free, gorgeous jewelry, and have a little business/income on the side. In fact, I wouldn't even call what I'm doing "selling", since the stuff pretty much sells itself. Oh, and celebs are NUTS about this stuff, too!

I'm having a trunk show this Thursday (many of you reading this have been invited), but just in case you're reading this and you were not invited, I would love for you to come, too! Once again, these shows are very laid back, and will involve appetizers, wine, and fun trying on jewelry (no awkward sales pitch). Buy or don't buy at your discretion! If you're interested in coming, email me ( )

Of course if you fall in love with more pieces than you can afford (like me), let me throw you a laid back party described above, and you'll get at least a few pieces for free and several more 50% off.

I'm thrilled about introducing more gals to this gorgeous stuff. Here are a few of my faves right now (is it even possible to pick just a few?)

Birds of Paradise necklace. If I were going to a beach this summer (sigh), I would fo sho have to have this to wear with a sundress!

Celeb fan example. Love the Colette necklace.

Adore these pretty stackables.

I'm nuts about pearls in case you couldn't tell. :)

These might be the two items at the top of my list right now (and apparently People's, too). I have this cuff in black and wear it nearly everyday.

I absolutely need to have these for summer!

If you've never bought Stella and Dot before, I would of course love for you to purchase it from me. My personal S & D website is here.

I hope you love these gems as much as I do. :)


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