Friday, March 11, 2011

March Forth

I do believe that the month of March will forever be a special month for me. Every year, as March approaches, we begin to bid farewell to winter and welcome spring. For me, this month in 2010 was the month that I bid farewell to infertility and welcomed a long-awaited new chapter in my life. Sophie and Campbell were conceived at the beginning of this month (weird that I actually do know the exact day?), and Kyle and I found out on Sunday, March 21st that we would finally get the chance to become parents (which was quickly followed with the question, "but how many?!") I know this may be odd that I hold so much sentiment for a seemingly meaningless month, but it was such perfect timing in that the "winter" of our journey was over, and I will always remember that time with such joy as my heart was overflowing with it. Although coaching golf and teaching in the first trimester with twins was a challenge to say the least, I will never forget that spring that I finally had the chance to carry babies in my belly.

And for an extra fun fact, we found out on April Fool's Day that we would be expecting twins, no joke!  Wouldn't that have been the perfect opportunity to tell our friends and family it was quadruplets? :)

This year, the month of March continues to hold special meaning as several of my friends just welcomed babies into the world, and in the last few weeks I have found out that a whole new group of friends is expecting babies this fall! It's so amazing to me to see how all of these new little lives are so perfectly orchestrated.

"To everything there is a season. A time for every purpose under Heaven."  -Ecclesiastes 3:1

Although our journey through infertility had some definite low points, and we most definitely went through a season of doubt, fear, and sadness, it made our season of joy so much sweeter, and made us stronger as a couple in ways I believe nothing else could have. I never thought a year later that I could look back at last winter and be thankful for what we endured, but that's exactly what I am. God proved himself faithful and showed us, even at our lowest points, that He was there and orchestrating something far more magnificent than we had hoped for.

People always ask me "how I do it" with twins, and express their thoughts of bewilderment at how I am able to cope with two babies. The truth is, it's not easy; but on the days that are extra tough and challenging, I'm reminded of the dozens of nights that I spent crying in fear and hopelessness, and that always puts whatever craziness I'm dealing with into perspective.

So as we bid farewell to the cold for good, I hope that all of you are eagerly welcoming the warmth and joy in your life this March.

Happy spring! :)

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  1. your girls are absolutely adorable! i love all the updates on facebook! where do you get all those cute bows??