Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Headband Enigma

So if you've been around my girls lately, you may have noticed that we very rarely, if ever, wear headbands/bows anymore. While I've always been a little picky about what I put on my girls' heads, I've always thought a little bow here and there is cute and enjoyed putting them on the girls until they, all of a sudden one day, decided they enjoyed ripping them off their own and each other's heads more than they enjoyed wearing them. As seen in a previous post, Campbell has been a fan of putting her blanket on her head for awhile now. That love of having a blanket on her head has extended to other objects now as well (bath toys, bowls, stuffed animals). Namely, she loves putting my headbands on her head. Anytime she notices that I'm wearing one, she will take it off my head and place it on hers as seen below. Recently she has even learned to put it on the correct way with one side behind each ear. She will walk around the house/play for 20 minutes at a time with my headband atop her head. However, the second I put her headband on her head, it's off in a matter of minutes if not seconds. 

Will I ever fully understand these crazy girls? ;)

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