Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

Whew! Three days and four Christmases later, we survived Christmas 2011! We had a wonderful time celebrating the season this year with our big 14 month olds. As you can imagine, it was a little more enjoyable this year, as we weren't the sleep deprived parents of two 8 week olds. Not to mention I think the girls really enjoyed their presents a little more this year. :) We started off Christmas Eve with my family (we had also celebrated with my Aunt and Uncle on my mom's side the week before). The girls got lots of loving from their Bubba, Gigi, and Aunts Sami and Sara. Lots of cute clothes, baby dolls, and accessories for their cute kitchen they got from Bubba and Gigi a few weeks ago as an early present. Mommy and Daddy even got a new iPad from Bubba. What an awesome surprise! It was a fun time as always celebrating with that side of the family.

Family pic in front of Bubba and Gigi's Christmas tree

Our little stinker, Sophie, in front of the tree

She loooooves Christmas ornaments and calls the round ones "ball"

About as still as I could get them. They had no part of sitting and posing cutely in front of any Christmas tree.

Sophie really loved digging into the big bags

Campbell would tear off tiny pieces of wrapping paper

I'm liking this Christmas thing!

Oh my a baby doll! 

Seeing as how the girls loved Santa so much the first time they met him, we thought we'd give it another go with Bubba Santa again. Still not fans.

Playing with Bubba

We had Christmas morning at our house. Campbell seeing what Santa put in her stocking...

Do I spy a Care Bears DVD?

These girls love their books (which makes the English teacher in me swell with pride). ;)

Another active Christmas tree shot. I think they're saying "Mommy is #1"? 

Mowing the kitchen floor

On Christmas Day afternoon, we headed to Nana and Papa's. Oh how they know how to spoil their grandkids! The girls got more adorable clothes, baby dolls, toys, a new table and chairs for their playroom, and even some bassinets to put their babies in from Aunt Amber.

Campbell and Daddy opening gifts

Sophie didn't seem to need any help...

Love this pic of Sophie and Papa. 

After we got home and unloaded all of their presents, both girls climbed into their new bassinets. The funniest part is that they climbed into the right ones! This is now currently their favorite hang out spot. They also like to gather all of their toys together to put in it with them.

On the 27th, we headed to Duncan to have Christmas with my Dad's side of the family. I have a total of 9 cousins, 3 aunts, 2 uncles, and my mema on this side, so it's always fun to see the whole gang. This pic is of Aunt Sara trying to wrangle Campbell into her new, cute headband...with no luck. :)

I love this pic of Campbell. She just walked right over, dropped down and started playing with the big kids!

The whole gang! I have such great memories of growing up and spending time in Duncan with my grandparents. These Christmases are always crazy, chaotic and so much fun. I'm so glad we are able to still get together. 

And there you have it! Christmas 2011 for the Nevels. We will still be going back to Taloga for the day on January 7th to have a short gathering with Kyle's dad's side. Although it can be exhausting traveling with our two crazy toddlers, Kyle and I know how blessed we are to have such a big, loving family, so we try to keep a positive attitude in the midst of the craziness. Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas! 


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