Sunday, December 11, 2011

Santa = the devil

Although this is actually the girls' second Christmas, this was their first time to meet the man in red. Last year I was far too much of a scared mom of 8 week old preemies to allow my tiny babies to sit on Santa's germy lap. So this year, my friend Stephanie Coy and I decided to take our whole gang of multiples to see Santa together (and completely blow everyone's minds at how brave we are taking 5 babies to see Santa). All morning I told the girls how much fun it would be to meet Santa, how nice he is, and how he would bring them lots of presents if they didn't throw too many tantrums between now and Christmas. They smiled and giggled as I told them, enthusiastically, all about this wonderful, jolly old man they would get to meet today.

So imagine my surprise when it turns out that the girls, in fact, believe Santa is...

...the most terrifying human being on the planet.

I tried my best to apologize to them, but I think they now distrust my every decision as their mom. They took one look at this devil man and decided they wanted nothing to do with him. 

I hear that two year olds fear him even more, so it looks like next year will be equally as torturous. 

Let's hope Santa makes a quick, discreet appearance at our house this Christmas.

Until next year... ;)


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