Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cooking Rut

Lately my cooking habits could be defined as...nonexistent. Not only am I struggling with 2 rowdy monkeys who get rather, ahem, impatient when I cook a meal. I'm also fighting exhaustion at the end of the day when all I want to do is sit instead of stand and cook dinner. So it's been a lot of eating out and sandwiches around the Nevels house lately.

I also have to say this is probably due to my burn out on all of the ole favorites. I'm over my pinterest recipes and feel like I've cooked chicken about every way imaginable. The crock pot not only sounds unappealing when it's 90 degrees, I feel like I'm also about 0 for 10 on the recipes I've recently tried. And all of my cook book recipes either take too much time or I'm just plain sick of.


Please feel free to help a girl out and give me your easiest, yummiest, fewest ingredients favorites. Even if it's a good brand of frozen meal you like. Seriously. I'm at rock bottom.

Tired Mom :)



  1. Seriously, I prefer a frozen meal suggestion. Please

  2. (Family) Stouffer's ~ grandma's chicken & vegetable rice bake (white meat chicken, crisp vegetables and rice in a real cheddar cheese sauce)

    It takes approx. 85 minutes but it's a good frozen meal with NO prep time!!! Carey and I love this frozen dinner and I always keep one on hand for those crazy nights during the week, esp. since we have VERY few places to eat out. ; ) That's all I've got for now. Hope you both enjoy grandma's chicken & vegetable rice bake as much as we do!