Thursday, May 3, 2012

Getting Closer

At 30 weeks and 4 days, we are officially getting closer to meeting our baby boy! In many ways, this pregnancy has gone by really fast, and in other ways, it's gone at a snail's pace. As pregnancy usually goes, it doesn't get any easier, and I certainly am not getting any lighter on my feet. However, it's been really great to experience a seemingly worry free pregnancy as opposed to my pregnancy with the girls, constantly being in fear of early labor and making sure I stayed off of my feet as much as possible. Gosh how I wish I could get off of my feet at my leisure these days and may or may not secretly hope a free nanny shows up at my house everyday at 3 pm, and tells me to go take a nap while she watches the girls and makes dinner. Know of anyone who would be up for that? ;) 
And speaking of the girls, they are doing more and more cute things with their baby brother. We have (we think) finalized his name: Burke Allen Nevels. Although since we've been calling him that for the past several months, Kyle and I both have agreed it would be too crazy to change it at this point. Not to mention, very confusing for the girls since every time they see my bare belly they excitedly chant "Burke! Burke!" As of late, they love to lift up my shirt to tell him "Hi", give him kisses and pats, and then pull my shirt down and say "night night, Burke." Even though I'm sure they will want to do anything BUT love on him when we gets here, it sure it cute for now. 
As for his room, it's finally starting to come along. We officially have the crib assembled, and I now feel more confident in where I want to hang things on the wall (as seen below his crib). His room has been a bit of a challenge since we felt the need to keep a bed in there for our frequent visits from family that live a few hours away. I also think it will be nice to have a place to sleep for nights he needs some extra attention. However, with such limited space, my organization skills have been challenged as to how best utilize the space we do have! I bought a slim chest of drawers to put in the closet to keep his pants, diapers, socks, PJ's, etc. But for the most part, I think I will be hanging most of his clothes/onesies for easy access. The bed will be our changing table. :) I'm going to *attempt* to make his crib skirt via a tutorial I found on pinterest that involves no sewing (iron on fabric adhesive), and velcro-ing it to the bed frame underneath the mattress. That way, I can change the length of it when it comes time to lower the mattress. For now, I'm going to not do a bumper since I think the crib looks great without one, but I may end up getting just a standard white one down the road. 
So for now, we are slowly nearing the point of being officially ready to welcome our little Burke! Although I feel that no one can adequately be prepared for three children under the age of two, I'm beginning to think I can do anything as long as I'm not pregnant! And please remind me I said this a few months from now. ;)
In the meantime, please keep our growing family in your prayers along with a continued smooth pregnancy for me. 

Happy May!


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  1. Such a great post! I especially loved hearing about S & C loving on baby Burke! So precious and priceless!! I have a little something for baby B and need to get it in the mail before he arrives.