Friday, May 25, 2012

Twins, Triplets, and The Zoo. Oh my!

This morning, we ventured to the zoo with our favorite triplets, the Coy girls, Kim and Amber and Brynn. This was our first time being back in awhile, and our first time back since the girls have learned animal names/sounds, so I was excited to see their reactions to everything. Other than their mom attempting to make it through the hot temps while 34 weeks pregnant, it was a fun day. I've also been playing around with our new camera and got some fun shots of the girls.

Not the best shot of everyone, but here's the triplets and us.

Mr. Grizzly Bear-perhaps the girls favorite animal we saw all day. They kept saying "Hi, Bear!" and "Roooar!" We even got to see him and the other bear jump in the water together and wrestle. Looked ironically like a scene you'd see at our house... 


Mama and baby

The trio checking our Mr. Monkey

This monkey was so great. He just sat and chilled next to the window forever and let us all gawk at him. The girls were big fans of him from their stroller; however when Sophie asked to get down and get closer, he really freaked her out. He was cute and kinda terrifying at the same time.

Hey, Mr. Monkey.

Pointing from a distance...

Brynn, Amber's cute little baby bump, Avery (I think), and the girls

This is Campbell's "I'm not sure about that giant monkey-looking thing in front of me" face...

Although it might be the last zoo trip I attempt until after the B man arrives, I'm glad we went!


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