Friday, May 11, 2012

Eighteen Months: The Good

Today was the girls' 18 month check up, so I figured this was a good time to reflect on our lives with two 18 months olds (as well as the impending holiday this weekend that celebrates our work as mothers). This has been such a crazy age with them. It is so much fun watching them literally evolve into little people, talking, imitating, and interacting more and more with each other, their friends, and us. Kyle and I continue to be amazed and so proud of the little people they are becoming. Especially as we wrap up their first (half) year at mother's day out, and I hear their teachers rave about how wonderfully they've done and how much they've grown and learned. We thank God every night for blessing us with two healthy, sweet, growing, thriving little girls. We realize that not every parent gets to say that, but we do. And for that our hearts overflow with gratefulness. With that being said, along with the good comes the bad and the just plain ugly. So I've broken down this stage of our lives into three parts. For this part, I'll choose to focus on the good things that make my heart swell as a mommy (and keep me optimistic that we just might raise children that contribute positively to society one day):

Aren't they the sweetest things you've ever seen?

1.The girls now hug and kiss each other without us asking them to. The most precious part is they will both open their arms really big and say "hug" before giving one. Sophie is still an "open mouth" kisser, but Campbell has evolved into making this cute little pucker sound with her lips.
2. Campbell is turning into such a little lady. She loves playing with her baby dolls (and oddly enough, always has to be holding at least 2 at a time. Wonder where she learned that? ;), and loves wrapping them in blankets, putting them in Burke's swing or lining them up on the couch. Lately she will put her purse on her shoulder, pick up her babies, walk out of the room and say "Bye bye, see ya!" She also has started saying "tank you" after we hand her a snack/sippy cup, etc. without being asked to say it. She is such a sweet natured little girl.
3. Sophie shares her toys (most of the time). This may sound like something that shouldn't be a big deal, but if you had seen this child and her willingness to not share a few months ago, we have made serious strides in this department, and I could not be prouder of her improvement. Her teachers at school have even commented on how great she does at sharing her toys with other kids. Way to go, Soph!
4. Speaking of Sophie, this girl is definitely the comedian of the two. Her expressions and crazy antics crack up Campbell, Kyle, and I on a daily basis. Which is good, because it helps to balance out the insane amount of orneriness in her.
5. Campbell may or may not be showing early signs of being a future American Idol. This girl loves to sing. Like most kids, she loves it when we sing all the classic kid tunes (itsy bitsy spider, ABC's, skinamarinkadinkydink), but she sings all.the.time. If she's playing on her own, chances are she's humming or blabbing a song to herself. I have to say I'm also impressed at how well she stays on tune when trying to sing along with us. The other day she was playing with this little piano and was trying to mimic each note after she hit it. I was amazed at how well she did. A bit bias, but amazed. I've always said I will think it is hysterical if we have a child that has a good voice given how awful Kyle and I's voices are, but maybe little CJ will prove us wrong. Let's hope I'm re-telling this story one day after she accepts a grammy... ;)
6. The girls are starting to have some separation anxiety with each other. If one wakes up from a nap before the other, after about 5 minutes, whoever is awake runs to their door and bangs on it while yelling "Sissy!" and will have a meltdown if we don't go get her. It's sweet and kinda annoying at the same time.
7. They love to be little helpers around the house. Sophie's favorite thing to "help" with right now is cleaning. She will take baby wipes and wipe down literally every surface in our house. She also enjoys taking kleenex and wiping her nose (and has also been known to wipe her sister's or friends' noses, as well). Campbell loves to help me take clothes out of washer to put in the dryer. Although her love of slamming the dryer door shut sometimes interferes with this task. Sophie prefers to watch or cover the washer and dryer in Dora stickers.
8. In less than 6 months, we get to refer to the girls' age in years vs. months! It's the little things...
9. The girls have learned to say "Jesus" and will point at him in the books we read that have pictures of him. They also say "Amen" at night after we say our prayers. Just two more words in their fast growing repertoire, but we think they are pretty big ones. :)
10. The girls love being "nakey." They run around like crazy ladies when we take their clothes and diapers off and get giddy with excitement. I think it's hilarious and adorable. Kyle is a bit leery of how much they enjoy it (such a dad of daughters).
11. And lastly, the girls have started "announcing" when they "toot." As their mom and the sole influence on teaching them how to become well-mannered young ladies, you would think I would not encourage this behavior. However, I have the sense of humor of a 7th grade boy when it comes to toots and poop, so of course I explode with laughter anytime they do it. I'll do my best to stop encouraging it before middle school.

So there you have it. The annoyingly wonderful, endearing things about our little sweet peas. Stay tuned for the bad and the ugly...


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