Monday, June 28, 2010

front porches

I guess with the summer heat comes lots of daydreaming about our future front porch and back patio in our new home. I love well put-together front porches and patios. I think it's easy to sometimes overlook these parts of a home; especially when you forget that a front porch is the first thing a visitor sees when coming to your home. I get very easily overwhelmed when it comes to decorating this area. Probably because I get very easily overwhelmed when it comes to potted plants/flowers. It seems that most front porches/patios are either "over" decorated and tend to look cluttered or crowded or they are too barren as if the owner forgot they were supposed to decorate this area of the home. I've been brainstorming ideas mostly for my front porch.

I have loved this bench from grandinroad for awhile now. They have it in an aged black that I like, too.

I really like the ferns on this porch. What I really love are the pillows on the chairs. One of them has the address monogrammed on them and the other has the last name of the family. I would love to get 2 pillows like this to put on the above bench.

These are just 2 more that I found. I like the natural stone color of them.

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