Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I usually run from these 3 letters. However, lately I've somewhat embraced them. Call it stay at home boredom, a loose version of the word "hobby", something new to do during naptime, our-computer-was-broken-and-I-had-nothing-else-to-do activities, etc. Whatever it may be (and I'm hesitant to call it "crafting"), I'm kinda on a roll. So, naturally, I thought I'd share with you all how Martha Stewart-ish I've been lately.

P.S. I got all of these ideas (except one) from pinterest.

This is our folding table in our laundry room. As you can see, we don't use it for folding. However, it's a nice little "catch all" place. I have had a hideous dry erase board hanging in our study for a few months now for Stella and Dot purposes. I had brainstormed every idea possible on how I could make it prettier without buying a new one with no luck. Then, pinterest came to the rescue! Half off picture frame from Hobby Lobby + 1 yard of cheap fabric = a non-hideous dry erase board. I just used the cardboard thingy that came with the picture frame and wrapped the fabric around it and secured with hot glue (ok, I really used scotch tape, but hot glue sounded more crafty. No one sees the back anyways, right? BTW, this is why I never make things. I have no patience to wait for a hot glue gun to heat up) 

If I were to give myself a gold medal for my projects, this one might get it (ie. it took more than 10 minutes to make, required some patience, and the dreaded hot glue gun). I got this idea off of pinterest, as well. Link to original project found here. As you can see, I changed a few things. All supplies came from HL. I suggest finding a frame that has some space between the back and the glass (the N is about a quarter in. thick). I just bought some burlap, little metal brackets, and stamps. The original project suggested cutting monogram/letter out of old book pages. I didn't have an old book, and holy crap that takes way too much time for me, and would most likely look like a drunken toddler did it. In case you're wondering, the numbers represent our anniversary (June 7th, 2008). I've been looking for a fun way to display our unique anniversary, and this was just the ticket. In a perfect world, I would love to make an S and C with their birthday displayed...someday.

Ok, so I would hardly call this a project, considering my nephew does more difficult projects than this at mother's day out. I had this square shaped small vase sitting in a closet, dumped some coffee beans in it, then placed my abundance of make up brushes (and tweezers) in it. Thanks again, pinterest. My bathroom (and bedroom) also smell like coffee. And who doesn't love the smell of coffee 24/7? The original picture had like 47 brushes in it. Is it bad that I only have 3? 

First, apologies that this is really fuzzy. It must be my first model ever of the iPhone quality picture. Second, remember before when I told you that picture thing deserved a gold medal? I lied. This one might deserve a platinum medal, if they existed (hot glue gun + 45 minutes). This was a serious undertaking. I saw this a year or so ago on a blog. Wine bottle (empty of course. In fact, you may want to drink one yourself before said project) + a roll of jute found in check out aisle of Hobby Lobby (on a side note, I thought it was weird it was on the check out aisle. Do people really think "Oh yeah, I need some gum, and a little portable tape measure, and dang! I almost forgot, a roll of jute!")? But the great thing about this project is that, in spite of the time requirement, it's a mindless activity. And I don't know about you, but I need some mindless activities in my life. It would be a great thing to combine with another mindless activity, like watching The Bachelorette. I digress. So in the original example, the girl also did this to a larger wine bottle, and a smaller bottle (beer, soda, etc.) So basically, you need to be a moderate alcoholic to complete the full project. She displayed all 3 on a bookshelf, I think. So far I've only been able to muster one. But perhaps when we redecorate our fireplace mantle in a few weeks, I'll have the motivation to both drink a large bottle of wine and beer, and complete the final 2 pieces. Not that I need much motivation to drink wine. And as for the step-by-step instructions, squirt a line of hot glue. Wrap jute. Repeat. See? Mindless. Also make sure you push up the jute to make it as flush with the previous wrap as possible. And, 45 minutes later, you have...a wine bottle wrapped in jute! Aren't you proud of yourself?

So there you have it. A few activities to do if you spend 3/4 of your day inside your house like me. ;)



  1. I'm impressed! It's amazing how these "projects" can become addicting :)

  2. I am so impressed too but a bit hurt I wasn't invited to craft corner... Next time???