Monday, July 18, 2011

Food and Sippy Cups

What do these 2 things have in common? The ability to make a ginormous mess in the kitchen. It's been hilarious (and sometimes frustrating) to watch how each of my girls handles each of these. Sophie eats like she has been doing it for years. And not just baby food, but that girl picks up each and every piece of finger food I put on her tray and feeds it to herself. Such a big girl! She also is really getting the hang of the sippy cup. I would hardly call her a pro at it, but she manages to get a little bit out each time. Campbell Jane, on the other hand, likes pushing her food around, squeezing it in her hand, hiding it in her highchair, and as far as the sippy up goes, she's a pro at making a giant puddle of water on her tray (and floor beneath her), and thinks it's the funniest thing ever to do so. Since I took the little valves out of the sippy cups to make getting water out easier, it also is a huge mess to clean up. I think I could take a picture of them every day in their highchairs. They look so sweet in them, and their dirty little faces are priceless. 

Hey Soph, you have a little something on your face...

I'm too sweet to get mad at...

Big girl!

Big mess!

Incidentally, meal time is also their favorite time to interact with each other. I don't know if it's being up high or what, but Sophie gets Campbell laughing so hard almost everytime we eat. Mostly because she likes to swing her head back and forth, lean over the side of her chair, and try her hardest to wiggle out of it. They also both start banging their hands on the trays as soon as I put them in (thanks Daddy). And almost every meal, I have to separate the chairs because they love trying to grab each others' hands across their chairs. It's heart meltingly precious and a big distraction all at once. 

Whatever am I going to do when they start learning how to throw food at each other? ;)


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