Saturday, July 9, 2011

Infertility Encouragement

About a year ago I came across this darling blog while searching for some home decorating ideas. Since then, I have followed it pretty regularly. Recently she decided to share her and her husband's journey to become pregnant. I had no idea that she, too, had a bit of a struggle with infertility. She now has a darling little boy (that she makes all sorts of adorable stuff for)! Since I love infertility journeys with happy endings, I would love to share with you (with her permission) her journey. I think she is such an inspiring example of how to weather the ups and downs of fertility treatments. I also particularly admire her faith-filled approach to it. I related to this on so many levels, and I hope it will be continued encouragement to any women struggling with this. She did a 3 part series discussing their journey (linked below).

Our Journey to Parenthood: Part one
Our Journey to Parenthood: Part two
Our Journey to Parenthood: Part three

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