Thursday, August 4, 2011

Animal Art

While I understand that some people enjoy having once living animal heads adorn their living room walls, it's not for us. Not that Kyle is a big hunter or has ever put up a fight to have one of his slaughters displayed in our home (his ginormous Babe Ruth picture is another story. I won that battle, by the way and it's currently sitting happily in the garage). Recently, however, I came across these darling little book ends on etsy that are, I believe, the only way a deer would live in our home.

I really want to get them to hold photo albums on our soon to be sideboard in our living room. Aren't they cute? And no animals were harmed in the making of these.

And then I came across one of my blog idol's apartment tours and noticed she had a cute little guy on her living room side table.

And while I'm not sure if our humble living room could pull off one of these, but I actually think these faux animal heads are so fun in the right room. My sister is contemplating one for Canon's room.

aaah, love the chevron stripes here, too.

Are you as terrified as I am looking at this? Who in the world puts this thing on their wall? Do they have kids? Do their kids wake up in cold sweats having nightmares about this thing chasing them? To each his own I suppose...

Happy Hunting :)


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