Monday, August 22, 2011

Ten Months

We made it to double digits! WOWZA. Is all I have to say. I've finally come out of my cave of denial (somewhat) and at least set a date for the girls' 1st birthday party. I also have all sorts ideas of how I want to decorate (via pinterest), but of course will wait until the week or two before to hastily assemble all of those (procrastination is more exciting). It's just nuts that it's almost already been a year. Since I tend to be longwinded with these, I'm going to attempt to keep it short (especially since I'm not sure if anyone even really likes these, except me). I'm also very tired and not sure I have the energy anymore for long-windedness.

Yay! With the exception of it being a tad off-center, I managed to capture a shot of both girls looking at the camera with a somewhat pleasant expression on their faces and not moving. I was sweating after this 3 minute photo shoot, in case you were wondering. And 100 extra bonus points for me that they have headbands on. Below picture is what transpired seconds after this glorious shot.

Campbell Jane

Here are some of my tricks:

-crawling everywhere
-pulling up onto everything 
-I love pushing up onto my feet and moving objects around on the floor like baskets or big toys.
-trying to sneak a taste of Teddy's dog food before Mommy rushes in to stop me.
-laughing, laughing, and more laughing (mostly at my sister). I also have this really funny "fake" laugh I do whenever I hear someone else laughing (more like a mocking laugh), but very funny.
-I can now officially say "mama", "dada" and "baba" (bottle) and sometimes I even say them at the right time/to the right people. :)
-getting pretty good at using a sippy cup. even better at eating table/finger foods. Mommy is excited that the end of baby food/bottles is in sight!
-I also now despise having my diaper or clothes changed and try my hardest to roll off the changing table or wiggle away. Mommy says this almost drives her over the edge sometimes, but I have places to go and people to see.
-recently I've also learned how to do this "pointing" thing and randomly point at things all around me. 
-I can also sometimes wave bye bye to people.

All in all, our little CJ keeps us on our toes and full of smiles!

Sophie "chubs" Kay: 

Here are some of my tricks:

-a few weeks after my sister started crawling, I got sick of people saying they wondered when I was going to crawl. I guess this is something that is expected of me at this age? While it requires a lot of energy, and I am really rather content just laying down or sitting up and playing, I showed everyone that, I too, can do this crawling thing. In the last few days I guess I've been doing it a lot more. Campbell just seems to find cooler stuff to get into when she moves. Mommy and Daddy also say they hope I continue to do my "fish out of water" move where I just lay on my stomach and thrash my arms and legs around like a fish. 
-not too crazy about this pulling up onto things business. I mostly just let sister pull up onto the coffee table, wait for her to sit down, and then take whatever cool thing she found up there. She doesn't seem to mind me taking toys from her all the time. Although I guess she did pay me back the other day when she used my head as a step stool to get up to the coffee table. Ouch. 
-I also say "mama" and "dada." Mommy says I've become quite the "mommy's girl" lately and I always want her to hold/snuggle me and say her name whenever I wake up from naps or get upset. She's a sucker and always falls for the tears and "mama."
-I'm getting pretty good at baby sign language. The only one I do consistently is "all done" because I get sick of being in that stupid high chair. I also do the sign for "more" (randomly).
-still love shaking my head back and forth, and love doing it when Mom tries to feed me pureed peas. 
-slowly getting the hang of the sippy cup, but don't love it as much as sister does. Maybe Mom should try putting something yummier in it besides water. I'd really like to try some of this "margarita" stuff Mommy says she always wants after we go to bed...

We are pretty sure Miss Soph-a-loaf has the most personality of any 10 month old we've ever seen. She continues to crack us up on a daily basis!

I wish I could say that things are "getting easier", but right now, I feel more exhausted than I did in the early days. While the girls are getting better and better at entertaining each other and playing with each other, they still demand loooots of attention, get extra cranky when they don't get a long enough nap, and crawl all over me like a jungle gym, pull my hair, clothes, and get into lots of things they shouldn't. While this is such a FUN age and I absolutely love playing with them, I'm also twice as exhausted!

Ok, I think that was still maybe a little long-winded, but I tried. :) Here are some other pics of our last month...

snackin' on some rice cakes

hangin' with our bff, charlotte

happy girls

on the move!

how sophie prefers to spend her days :)

mommy trying to get creative with our bath toys

being silly with papa

hi gracie!

cards and gift for papa's 60th birthday

campbell taking a snooze on nana

breakfast at nana and papa's

sippy cups and lawn chairs :)

daddy, the human jungle gym

The count down is on to 12 months!


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  1. Just so you know...I love your chalk board posts & love to see what new "tricks" the girl's are doing each month! I actually just looked at the date and thought to myself, "It's 2 days past the 22nd!" ; ) I can't believe they'll be a year old in no time! Where does the time go? I miss you all dearly and can't wait to see you in a few weeks! Love ya!