Friday, August 26, 2011

Painted Picture Frames

Last weekend we finally got a big piece of furniture to keep toys, books, etc. in for our living room (yay!) and also moved our TV above it. So naturally I've been obsessing about how to decorate it. I don't want it to be too cluttered, but I knew I wanted to put a few pictures on it. I was perusing Hobby Lobby's selection of frames (which happened to be %50 off-shocker), and these two caught my eye. I wasn't crazy about the pattern, but I really liked the shape of both of them. The first one resembled this cool one I saw on pinterest. I thought that I could paint it a different color (which even I couldn't screw up) and have a pretty frame for our sideboard. I knew pretty quickly that I wanted to paint the square shaped one in chalkboard paint, especially after seeing this cool chalkboard frame from pottery barn. 

So, a few coats of paint later, voila! Although I love the chevron stripes, I don't like the colors in our living room as much as I had hoped. This was also about the 4th and 5th coats of paint on here since I couldn't make up my mind on which color looked best. I may have to donate this one to my sister and get another one to paint. I do really love the chalkboard one, though. It'll be fun to change out the sayings throughout the year. 

{excuse the small size/bad quality of the iPhone photos and lack of pictures in frames :)}

P.S. This isn't the one I used, but you can find a printable chevron pattern here

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