Friday, August 12, 2011


AKA...Moms Of Multiples. Aren't you jealous we get our own cool/cheezy acronym? Probably not. You're probably, actually, thanking your lucky stars you don't fall into this category. Nonetheless, I am a member of the club, and am so incredibly blessed to have found other moms that are in this crazy journey with me. While I do actually think the bulk of my baby questions can be answered by other normal, singleton moms, occasionally questions arise that just need to be answered by a mom who has been in my shoes (namely, how I can teach my girls to sleep through each other's crying like most other sets of twins are able to do. I have yet to find a solution to this problem, by the way). Before I had the girls, I was put in touch with 2-3 moms of twins, and my oh my how they have been such a tremendous help to me. One of them even sold me our current stroller insanely cheap. I e-mail mainly 2 moms now that have provided me with wonderful insight and solutions to issues that have come up. However, since having my girls, my friend, Stephanie Coy had triplets (6 months ago), and I was introduced to a new friend, Megan Gaines, who just had twins (8 weeks ago). We joke that we are going to form a "multiples club" that unfortunately may not have room for any more than 3 members! Although any of you moms with one baby, feel free to stop by if you need reassurance that your life really isn't that tough (I kid) ;) I can't even explain what a relief it is to have girls I call friends to now share in this journey with me, and how exciting that both of them had girls and hopefully future friends of S & C! I also like to take any and every opportunity to encourage moms who are on this rollercoaster ride of multiples. I still believe that one baby is a LOT of work for any mom, but we M.O.M.s really do go through a bit rougher ride at times juggling the demands of more than one baby (as if I need to persuade any of you reading this). These 2 women I am blessed to call my friends are such an encouragement to me and inspirations as moms. So M.O.M.s, here's to you and keep being the superstars that you are!

The Nevels twins and Coy triplets (Emily, Avery, and Camdyn)

The Nevels twins and the Gaines twins (Harper and Tatum)

Double and Triple the love! ;)


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  1. you are soo sweet! we love having you guys as friends! you have helped me more than you will ever know!! xoxo meg