Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Campbell and Sophie are going to be...


If your jaw just hit the floor in disbelief, then it's only a fraction of how shocked we were when we found out! As for the details, I'm almost 14 weeks and due July 8th. As you might have guessed, this pregnancy was very unplanned; however, we are thrilled and excited to meet this little guy/girl come this July.
I only have about a million thoughts running through my head concerning this pregnancy. In fact, the first thoughts that entered my head upon seeing this...

1. Say what
2. (long blink) I must be hallucinating.
3. Pregnant, pregnant, pregnant, pregnant...
4. Holy _____.
5. But how? (dumb question)
6. Two babies. We already have two babies.
7. Kyle...very shocked...might run away and leave us forever...I should call him.

I won't get into all the details of how/why it happened, but for those of you who regularly read this blog, you know that we struggled with infertility the first go round of getting pregnant. After being informed that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and that it would most likely be difficult (but not impossible) for us to get pregnant on our own, Kyle and I had no reason to believe it could ever happen on our own. Well, once again, God had different plans (and might I add quite a sense of humor), and we now have our very own, non-fertility drug conceived little miracle. Oddly enough, the few months before I got pregnant, I kept hearing story after story of these women who struggled tremendously to get pregnant the first go round, but then ended up with "surprise" pregnancies the next time. Of course, you never think it's going to happen to you, but it turns out that's exactly what happened with us!
So is it ideal that my twins will be 21 months old when this one is born? For the most part, no. Was this the plan Kyle and I had in our minds of having a third someday many years from now? No. But the incredible thing I've come to learn over the last several months of contemplating this baby is that it feels like really it was supposed to happen all along. And I'm once again reminded that God knows far more and far better than I do, and that once again, perhaps He has great things to teach us through this journey. Although initially I wanted to yell "Where was this easy shmeazy getting pregnant thing the first time? Why can't we just have a normal getting pregnant story for once?" Unfortunately, as so many others have said before me, that's just life. And since I wouldn't trade what I learned going through our infertility journey for the world, I can't help but be excited (and a little terrified) about what He is going to teach us through this one (more patience, humbleness, how to love being trapped in our house 24 hours a day?) ;)
I also have to take a moment to say what an incredible support Kyle has been from the very first day I found out we were going to have number three. I've always known I married a super duper guy, from the day I married him, to our struggles with infertility, to the early days of very sleep-deprived twin parenting, to our every day struggles of keeping a marriage spicy with two toddlers. Although he (and I) are far from perfect, he has 100% been my rock. At times when I fall to pieces, lose my patience, and want to give up, he always knows how to pick me back up and be encouraging without making me feel bad. However, when I saw that positive pregnancy test, I was maybe a little terrified of what his reaction was going to be (and was reminded of his friend at work who literally passed out when his wife called him at work to tell him they were having twins). But the incredible thing is that he was thrilled from the get go (which was also a little terrifying? Is he losing it?). I'll never forget the text he sent me about 20 minutes after I called to tell him saying how excited he was that our girls would get to be big sisters, and how we've been through too much in the last year to fear anything. Which was a great point! I hope this positivity continues if numero tres is another girl...and I'm glad he decided to stick around. ;)
So here's the belly at 14 weeks. I'm not sure why I took it since I'm pretty sure it's mostly leftover baby weight from the girls + a zebra cake I ate 15 minutes prior. But nonetheless...

Although I'm fairly certain the girls have no cognitive awareness that yet another baby will be entering our home, they are quite good at saying/doing most of what we ask them to. So naturally, their favorite toy to play with right now are babies, and they preciously walk around the house holding/hugging them saying "baby." And just the other night they started patting their bellies while in the bath and saying "baby." Gosh I hope this one can live up to their cuteness. 

So off we go into the next great adventure. We are so blessed to have wonderful friends like you to share it with!


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