Monday, January 9, 2012

Granola Energy Balls

I discovered THESE on Pinterest not too long ago and decided to give them a whirl yesterday. And let me tell you, you should too. They are delicious, healthy, filling, sweet, and everything you want in a snack. I was getting sick of the same ole' go-to, most of the time unhealthy snacks. And since I'm in the second trimester of a pregnancy, snacks are unavoidable. Kyle went bananas over them, too. I only made half the recipe to make sure we liked them before making a bunch, and I will be making batch #2 very soon! They have lots of healthy, good stuff in them, yet taste like a yummier version of no-bake cookies. We also substituted butterscotch chips for the chocolate per Kyle's request. I also cut up one to give to the girls for a snack yesterday and they went crazy over them. The best part is you just keep them in a tupperware in the fridge so they are easy to grab and go. 

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Ok, these actually look really good to me. I will be trying these. Where do you find flaxseed?

    1. You can buy in the organic section of the grocery store.