Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kisses and Play Doh

These crazy girls are giving me a run for my money these days. On top of them weathering the ups and downs of cold and flu season, Sophie having a double ear infection, Campbell teething, adjusting to a new nap schedule, it's been a rough last few weeks to say the least. My pregnancy-induced small amount of patience has been tested to the limits, and I've certainly been in a less than desirable mood when Kyle walks through the door in the evenings. The girls have also decided to choose this last week to seriously increase the amount of cat fighting. They have started to fight over everything. I knew this was an inevitable situation we would run into someday, but I had no idea that someday would be this soon. They fight over our iPhones, toys, sippy cups, snacks, you name it. Sometimes it doesn't even matter if they both have the same toy, one of them (and it's usually my feisty little red head, Sophie) will inevitably just want what the other has for the heck of it, and will usually resort to "form tackling" (as Kyle calls it) to get what she wants. This wears me thin. We are currently talking about what "sharing" means and have had some great breakthroughs in the sharing department, which is always followed by tremendous steps backwards, but at least we are making some progress. :)
That being said, they are also at an incredibly funny age right now. Thank goodness for these sweet/hilarious moments that always seem to come at the time I need them most. Since my girls are impossible to photograph these days, I'll have to resort to more videos.

This video pretty much sums up their personalities perfectly. Campbell, my little rule follower, and Sophie, my little red headed rebel (notice how Campbell attempts to put the play doh in her mouth but stops herself without me asking ;).

Oh boy. For every fight we have in our house, we have a kissing fest that follows. These girls do love to be sweet to each other...sometimes. And please disregard Campbell's mis-matched outfit that Daddy picked out


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