Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Spring!

Today we ventured to Hafer Park for a fun Easter egg hunt with some friends. It combined two of the girls' favorite things in the world right now: eggs and ducks (and of course friends and sunshine, too). It was a beautiful day and yet another reason to be thankful for this stupendous change of seasons.

Campbell admiring the mama duck that was sitting on her eggs above us. 

To say Sophie loved the ducks would be a huge understatement. She was glued to this spot for a good ten minutes and would only turn around to say "Duck! Cack, cack" Hilarious. I think she would have been more than OK if we took one home with us.

Mom, these are like the greatest things ever.

Hi duckies.

What a fun morning with our friends!

Yay for Easter eggs!

All this candy for me?!

Campbell is my professional egg hunter. She loved putting all the eggs in her bucket. Sophie lost interest after she cracked one open to find a laffy taffy, and spent the rest of the hunt trying to pry it open.

Canon dominating the egg hunting.

The girls with their loot.

All the kiddos

Where'd the candy go?

Today was such a fun warm up for our Easter weekend festivities, and I can't wait to take my little duck lovers back to their new favorite spot. ;)


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