Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Preparing for Baby

So I'm still pretty sure the girls have next to no idea how much their little worlds are going to be rocked come this July. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I'm still entirely prepared for three children under the age of two. Can anyone be? If you know of a way, please let me know. As for now I'll just stick to daily panic attacks. The nursery is still a dream on a pinterest board, but with the girls' ever growing fondness for babies and baby dolls, we are at least maybe making a little progress in preparing them.
They L-O-V-E playing in his room more than any other room. Probably because there are so many fun things in there like a bed to climb on, swing, and bottles (stored in the closet for now). This morning they decided to bring their creepily large (and might I add favorite) baby doll into baby brother's room with them; and then proceeded to do really cute things with him/her.

Sophie giving the baby a bottle. 

Easily both girls' favorite thing to play with currently. 

And of course baby needed to go for a swing...

Hugs for baby (followed shortly by throwing baby against the door. Oops.)

And this is just a picture to show how insanely lucky I am to have a sister who has had two boys. Jackpot! It also doesn't hurt that her two boys are the two best dressed little guys I know. Needless to say we will not be buying much for the little man for awhile.

I will say I now completely understand why moms are so unconcerned with preparing for their second (or in our case, third) child. I have such a sense of relief knowing that we have nearly everything we need, and after surviving life with two infants, realizing that 3/4 of the stuff at Babies R Us is a shameless marketing scam that preys on the fears of first-time expectant mothers. In fact, if you want a very accurate depiction of things that are not needed, I suggest you read this blog post. I agree with nearly all of it, except the diaper genie and crib bedding. We happen to be diaper genie lovers, and I can't resist the cuteness of crib bedding. Sorry, American Pediatric Association. 

So hopefully soon we will get around to finishing baby brother's room. In the meantime, I'll just work on bullying my husband into finalizing a name (we are thisclose to making it official)!


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  1. Cannot believe all of those clothes!! That is more clothes than Charlotte has now. Good blog post about silly baby items. As you know I love my video monitor and think that is a for sure but the diaper genie..... ewwwwhhhhhh. Wish I thought about only getting big bottles.