Saturday, November 23, 2013

Burke's Room (again)

Oh Burke's room.

This room has been quite the challenge for me to really finish. Yes, he's had the basics and a few things hung on the wall, but for some reason I've just always felt like it wasn't the way I wanted it. And more importantly, I hadn't really felt inspired by anything that wasn't going to be completely impractical for a house we aren't going to be in for more than the next 2-3 years (think an entire birch tree wall paper accent wall, much like this one). Swoon.

So I just kinda tolerated his room, waiting for a practical inspiration, and along came this post by one of my favorite bloggers. I really, really adore her style and this room was right up my alley for what I wanted Burke's room to be. Boyish, masculine, classic with a touch of rustic/campy feel. So off I went scouring Etsy for a few finishing touches.

Now when I walk into his room, I absolutely feel it is complete. And it will definitely keep me happy until I can wallpaper an entire wall in his next room. :)

Burke's room also doubles as our guest room. Kyle's parents live several hours away and we felt like they still needed a place to sleep when they come stay. The bed also doubles as a changing table and will eventually be Burke's big boy bed. I was annoyed with it at first, but now it's great because the girls will jump up and down on it while entertaining Burke during diaper changes. :)

We hung these shelves prior to putting up his curtains and definitely did not account for how they would look with the curtains up. They were actually pretty hard to hang, and when I asked Kyle how he felt about re-hanging them one on top of the other, his eyes turned red and smoke started coming out of his ears. So. Onto plan B. 

I really love the items we have on the shelves now. I found the Major League poster on Etsy while I was pregnant with Burke (Kyle's favorite movie of all time), the picture I've talked about previously is of Mickey Mantle, his son and wife, and my grandpa and dad when he was a baby (he and Mickey Jr. were born a few months apart). Mickey and my Papa were really good friends until his passing and played baseball together when they were young. Definitely a fun claim to fame. :) The baseball card is one of Kyle's good friends from growing up and now our down the street neighbor, Jordy Mercer. He had his first season in the big leagues this year for the Pittsburg Pirates. I know Kyle can't wait to talk about our cool baseball connections someday with Burke. 

The fox print I found on Etsy before having Burke, the chalkboard I had made several years ago for the girls' first birthday and just re-hung it in here. I think the words on it are more a reminder for me than they are Burke, but I think it's a sweet saying to have in a boy's room. 

The arrows I totally copied off my sister, who found them at Hobby Lobby and hung them above her little boy's bed. 

I had really been on the hunt for a monogram pillow for Burke's room, and loved the simplicity of this one I found on Etsy. After seeing a plaid throw in my inspiration room, I knew I wanted one for our glider. The floor lamp I actually found at Target for around $30 (score!).

When Burke started having ear infection/congestion issues, we propped him up on a pillow at night to sleep (I know many of you, my pediatrician included are cringing and scolding me in your mind). I categorize this decision into "things you do for everyone to get some sleep." Sorry I'm not sorry. Ever since then, he's kinda become addicted and now snuggles up to it every night. I found the cute deer pillow on of course, Etsy. I scored the gingham pillow case from Pottery Barn kids on sale for $12. 

I think I've switched up the arrangement of this gallery wall no fewer than 5 times. But now I think I can officially say it's here to stay. The bottom picture I talked about in a previous post, but it's another one that's been in my family for awhile of my Papa and Mickey's baseball team. 

Burke and his books. If he goes missing, most of the time he's wandered in here to dump out and "read" all of his books. He also enjoys following me all over the house and hitting me with them until I sit down, pull him in my lap and read to him. It's incredibly sweet and irritating at the same time. Which, might I add, is pretty much a metaphor for the age of sixteen months. :)

Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend!


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