Monday, November 4, 2013

Family Pictures 2013

I suppose we've officially made it a tradition for us to suck it up and take family pictures in the fall. And ya'll know how much I LOVE family pictures. Other than dealing with a little bit of drizzly weather, I was yet again beyond pleased with the wonderful Christen Foster! It was great seeing her again since we hadn't had the pleasure of working with her since Burke was a newborn and my face was the size of a beach ball from birthing a child 14 days prior, I was sweating extra a lot from postpartum hormones, and my boobs were about to explode. It was definitely time to replace these pictures throughout the house. We took these in the field behind our house and a few in the front yard/porch since the drizzle got pretty heavy. I know it may be taboo to post these prior to us sending out our Christmas cards since these will be the ones we use for those, but they are too cute not to share! So many of you will have the pleasure of getting one of these gems to hang on your fridge this December.

If I may vain for a second, I like this one of me the best. However, none of the kids look too happy and Kyle is hunched over like it's paining him to hold his legs out straight in front of him, 
which it probably was. You win some, you lose some.

This one makes my heart burst. Girls holding hands (without being asked) and actually maybe loving each other for a minute. Burke so excited he's squeezing his chubby little hands. Doesn't get any cuter, my friends.

Brotherly love

I am in love with how much this picture captures their personalities. Sophie, my little ball of fiery love, and sweet Campbell with her shy smile.

I daily have to resist eating up this ball of chub. 

The girls absolutely loved Christen, and told me after she left that she "looked like a princess." 
Sure fire way to get some smiles out of these two!

Your eyes aren't fooling you, folks. This would be a picture with everyone looking at the camera and, dare I say, smiling. Kyle isn't even making his awkward I'm-so-sick-of-taking-pictures face. He actually looks happy that I forced him into taking half an hour out of his day to smile for a camera.

This one pretty much sums up how all three of them feel about their daddy. In love.

Do boys get any more handsome?

The Nevels ladies

Me and my mini-me

Sitting pretty

And just to make me tear up...

This wasn't planned, but it's the same picture, sixteen months apart!
Looking back at the first one makes me forget that I really did have three babies, the bottom one a startling reminder that those babies are not so much babies anymore. 

The days are indeed long, and the years short.

Thank you again, Christen, for some great photos!


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