Friday, November 1, 2013

S & C are three

We officially have two three year olds! It is just nuts to me that it's been three whole years since we brought our teeny tiny babes home from the hospital. So far I must say that I am definitely a fan of this age. While we still have our fair share of temper tantrums, attitude, and a few more of the terrible twos I am patiently trying to wait out, overall I am watching them become grown up little ladies right before my eyes. It seems like every day they will say or do things that take my breath away and make me realize they are closer to being big girls than they are babies. Kyle and I were awe struck looking at a picture of Campbell the other day. Between her gentle, pleasing, mature little demeanor and her 95th percentile height, she looks more like a kindergartener than a three year old! And talking to Sophie for two minutes will have you convinced she has the manipulation tactics of a thirteen year old. Oh my Sophie girl.

We celebrated the big 3 by having a party with friends, including Cinderella. While Campbell is by far my more princess-obsessed one, Sophie ended up becoming attached to Cinderella's hip during the party! My timid CJ was a little overwhelmed by all the people and kinda had a tough time (doesn't it always end up this way?). I think she started warming up to things by the end, though. Here's a few pics of our fun and exhausting day.

I kept the decor pretty simple. I spray painted the letters and 3 with gold glitter spray paint, and ordered the banner and cupcake liners off Etsy. I threw some white pumpkins on the table because is there such thing as an occasion that doesn't call for pumpkins? And I thought I could get away with it with the whole Cinderella theme... ;)

A few of our friends decorating their princess crowns.

Unfortunately this was CJ for the first half of the party. 

The Warns

Two of the three Gaines ladies

Cinderella was enthralling

Princess Emma

Singing Happy Birthday

A little face painting for princess Annie

Emma doing some climbing

Betty cheesing it up

Love my princesses

Love the trippies in the background!

Cheese Charlie!

Sad princess and her prince

This face pretty much sums up Sophie's feelings towards Cinderella.

Family shot with 'Rella

Princess Piper 

The girls joy riding in their gift from Kyle and I. Buckle up, everyone!

We had the party 3 days before their actual birthday. This was their birthday morning on the 22nd.

So big!

All of Sophie's Thomas dreams came true on her birthday. She's got a whole new stash of her favorite steam engine!

Aunt Sammy gave CJ her favorite gift-nail polish and letting her paint her nails. This gal loves being a girl.

Looking forward to so many more birthdays with my little ladies!


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