Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baby Books

One thing I have been on the hunt for lately is a baby book. At first I thought I could find a cute twin one they could share, until I realized they did not exist. The only one that kept popping up was titled "Twice Upon a Time" and had an ugly fairytale-esq stork on the front. Gag. Other ones had far too many twin puns for my taste (see above). I think I have finally found one I adore. And much to my surprise, they carry the actual book at both Paper 'N more and Storkland. I was able to find it pretty cheap at Storkland. I also think it will be nice to have 2 separate ones for them to each keep someday. It seems most people think I will not have the time or sanity to fill this out for one, much less two babies. I am determined to make it happen. I suppose this will be a testament to my organization and stamina.

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