Saturday, July 17, 2010

Is it hot, or is it just me?


It seems like the heat just gets heavier and heavier, along with myself. I swear this belly has grown an inch in the last 2 days (could this be why I feel so crappy today?). Here are some interesting updates with my pregnancy, or shall I say, things I can no longer do:

1. Sit cross legged on the floor for more than 5 minutes
2. Cross my legs for very long while sitting in a chair-this is especially attractive when I'm wearing a dress, considering the most comfortable position is for me to sit like a guy, legs spread
3. Ok, sit comfortably for very long in any position
4. Roll over with ease in bed
5. Roll over in bed without making a groan or noise that awakens Kyle
6. Walk 3 laps around Hafer Park (especially when I try to keep up with my speed walking partners)
7. Do #6 plus shower and run more than 3 errands without feeling like I've been hit by a truck
8. I have a sneaking suspicion the wedding ring is about to have to retire to the jewelry box, especially if this heat gets any worse causing me to feel like a swollen pig

Can you believe I have around 3-4 months left of my pregnancy? All without the possibility of a frozen margarita to ease the pain?

I know it all will be more than worth it, and I just mostly find all of the above quite humorous.

One of my current favorite things about pregnancy (other than the frequent kick or flip I feel the girls doing) is my sweet nephew, Canon, has learned to say their names. He affectionately calls them "Soapie Camel" and frequently will lift my shirt (sometimes dress!) to give them smooches. He has also been known to offer them apple juice or a cheeto. He's the greatest. And I am so excited to have found out I will get to be an aunt to another sweet little nephew, who for now Canon refers to by the name of "blue."

I just can't wait to meet Soapie, Camel, and Blue! :)

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