Thursday, July 22, 2010

DIY or DIY Disasterous?

I can't remember why I originally became so excited about these, or where I first saw them and were inspired by them, but I am somewhat obsessed with roman shades lately. I think they have such a clean, crisp look and are something unexpected from traditional curtains. It's the perfect way to show off a fabric you love. My sister, Sara, first introduced me to the idea of DIY curtains. I did a few of my own in our old house using an iron and fabric glue. I had seen DIY tutorials for roman shades before, but they always looked incredibly intimidating, and I had to believe they would look more like DIY toddler edition if I had tried them, but this new decorating blog I stumbled upon truly does make it look very doable! All she did was order a $30 shade from and use fabric spray adhesive to attach her fabric onto the front, and fabritac to glue a 1/2 inch wrapped around the back of it. And then just turned it horizontal for the top of it. Sounds incredibly similar to the ones I have done in the past. She did say that using stripes was not a good idea because it was near impossible to get them 100% straight. Too bad because I love striped curtains, especially these grey and white ones. However, another obsession of mine lately is ikat patterned fabric like the red one below. I would love to use these as traditional curtains in my living room, or on roman shades on our 3 windows in our kitchen. I'm using this fabric somewhere regardless and found it for $18/yard at Vu's fabric store.

We'll see if I'm brave (or bored) enough to try this out...

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  1. Get the fabric name and style and look on got 3 fabrics I found at Vu's online for 1/2 the price...