Sunday, July 11, 2010

Table Time

After searching and searching, we have finally found a kitchen table (within our budget)! I thought I was going to have to give up on my hopes for a farmhouse type table because all of the ones I had found were at least $500 or more out of our price range. However, we finally hit the jackpot this last week. I think what I love about these tables is that they are so timeless and seemingly indestructible. I feel like it will be difficult for me to get sick of this piece. I also love how distressed the tops of them are, and how they seem to just get better with age and wear (think marker stains, banging sippy cups, smeared PB & J X 2). We are having one custom built at El Paso, and I am so excited to see the finished product. Here are some bits and pieces of how it will look...
Above is the bench that will go on one side of the table, only it will be in the darker stains seen below.

This is the color of the bench (and table and chairs)

These are the chairs. I really like the pattern on the back of them!

The great thing about custom building stuff at El Paso is that you get to pick out every little tiny detail of whatever it is you are designing. This is what the legs of the table will look like. I mostly like them because they are called the "fat lady" leg (appropriate for a table of mine currently...).

And this is the table itself! Only of course in the darker stain. It will also have a "skirt" right below the table part that is not seen on this one. We ended up going with a 7 foot table with 4 chairs and the bench.

Now we just need a kitchen to put it all in. :)

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  1. Steph!!! We have those chairs....El Paso is our favorite store, sadly enough, they know us by name :)