Tuesday, July 20, 2010

let there be light!

So currently I am attempting to make lighting decisions for the new casa. Interestingly enough, the only room I really am being picky about is the kitchen. I think it's because I don't really pay much attention to anyone else's bathroom, bedroom, hallway, etc. fixtures. I think I have finally found some awesome ones (within our all-important budget).

This is one of the "finalists" for the pendants that will go above our breakfast bar. We will have 3 of them above it. If you look closely, it's actually a cake mold! I think the dark bronze color will look great against our light-colored kitchen.

This one above is actually closing in on my favorite. I love the vintage-y, simplish type look of it.

This one from Ballard Designs is also a favorite. I know it looks remarkably similar to the Pottery Barn one (above), but for some reason I like the Pottery barn one more. And of course there is about a $100 price difference after ordering 3 of them, with the PB one being more expensive. We would still be under budget for our kitchen either way. Maybe I'll just hide the Ballard one from Kyle...

I love this chandelier. Oddly enough, Kyle and I had ordered this to put in our old kitchen! I suppose I like this to go above our kitchen table because it's a little bit of our old house. It's extremely well-priced, but instead of the seagrass shades we put on it last time, I would choose to do the linen drum shades below.

Decisions, decisions....

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