Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So as several of you know, if you know the little story behind when Kyle and I got pregnant, it was ironically a huge surprise to us when we found out. We just knew for certain, for several reasons, that there was no way on earth we could be pregnant the month we got pregnant.

The week before our lives changed forever, we went on a super fun spring break trip to Austin, Texas with some dear friends. I now will forever look at the pictures from that vacation in an entirely different way. Little did we know at the time that our two sweet girls were just beginning to grow in my belly. I now look at these pictures as our first true family photos. Gosh, I still get teary looking at these. It's just another amazing reminder of how crazy life turns out in ways we can just sometimes never predict.

My, oh my, what an ironic, ridiculous pose we have here. Maybe we subconciously knew? ;)

It's already been the journey of my life. Can't wait to see how it continues...


  1. good thing you had an awesome photographer to capture these moments... give a sista credit!

  2. I look at these pictures totally different now, too. I am a bit sad we cannot call you Steph and Kyle Plus 8 anymore. What a wonderful and memorable trip with best friends.