Friday, August 13, 2010

Ahhh dance...

If you haven't given yourself the absolute pleasure of watching 'So You Think You Can Dance' this season, then you're welcome for giving you just a taste of the amazement of this show. I take that back- the power of dance in general.

I grew up passionately in love with dance. I hope with everything that my girls fall in love with it the way I did. No, not in love with the crazy stage moms, fame, politics, craziness, etc. that can go with dance, but just the pure joy of it. I was far from ever being the best at it, but that never detracted from how great it felt to express an emotion through your movement. It gave me confidence, passion, and dreams that I will forever be thankful for. I suppose this show is just a wonderful way for me to re-live those days, and stand in absolute awe of the talent this show brings in.

This piece in particular was one of my favorites this season. You will see a little bit of the background before the performance. This is a beautiful dance and a beautiful song. I still can't watch it without tearing up!

Whoops! Click here to watch it!

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