Thursday, August 19, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

I'm addicted to Etsy. I've gone a little overboard lately with purchasing things for the girls (prompting my husband to finally ask, "What in the world are you buying through PayPal?" Oops.) Adorable, unique items made by local artists, with the prices of Wal-Mart. Genius! Here are a few things I've purchased recently...

I got 2 of these wall monograms to put above each crib. Since the narrow part of each crib will be up against the wall, I hope these will fit perfectly.

I have been in love with mongrammed things ever since we came up with names. These newborn sleep gowns (which I've heard are a must-have) are one of my favorite things I've bought for the girls (sorry the lighting is not great). I also just received these sweet little head bands yesterday. Note: I am not accepting of headbands like these.

Ok, these are not an Etsy purchase, they are from my dear sweet mother-in-law. They are worn as little headbands as an infant and someday the girls will get to use them as their garters in their weddings. How sweet (and sentimental) is that?

You probably just made a pathetic noise when you looked at this picture, didn't you? I could gobble those little legs up. Leg warmers are my new current obsession. My sister (shocker) first introduced me to these precious things and later brought up that it would probably make diaper changes a cinch in cooler winter months not having to take off little pants. I agree. And they are the cutest stinkin' things I've ever seen. I found 6 pairs from this artist for $33! It was an impossible decision, but here are the colors I ordered (2 of each of course).

I think I'm going to have to eventually order some with stripes on them.
Until next time, happy Etsy-ing...

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