Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I am a sentimentalist. No way around it. Since I was little, I have always wanted to keep things that are memorable; from swim meet ribbons, to notes my friends have written me, to an antique hankerchief collection I still refuse to part with, to also refusing to throw away the dozens of journals I have started and not finished in my life. I'm also pretty sure I have somewhere stocked away the first gift my first boyfriend in 7th grade gave me (an obnoxious smelling perfume-y candle). I probably would have gone to extreme lengths to wear my mother's wedding gown had it been possible to transform it into something without poofy sleeves (I did, however, incorporate her veil into my garder and ring pillow). Let me just clarify, and if you know me it's true, I'm anything but a hoarder and unorganized. There are just certain things that are worth keeping-in small portions.

With that said, my sentimentalism has undoubtedly overflowed to my impending motherhood. It began with the names: Sophie Kay (my and my sisters' middle name and my mom's name) and Campbell Jane (Jane-my mema's name). My sister had, at one point, mentioned using the name Kathryn Jane (both grandma's names), which I love. She is pretty much a genius when it comes to names (See Campbell) if you ever need assistance.

It has since continued to overflow into pretty much my entire nursery. I recently came across a bunch of my old baby blankets that I can remember wrapping my baby dolls in and will soon wrap my girls up in. And I have also discovered some beautiful watercolor paintings of ballerinas in my grandmother's storage unit. My mom had them hanging in her bedroom growing up, and I plan on hanging them in the nursery. I also recently replicated a profile silhouette of myself when I was 6 to hang in the nursery, as well.

Of course I am always looking for sweet, meaningful things to add to the girls' room, and had the idea to put a quote about sisters in a pretty frame, or better yet, have my own sister paint it onto a canvas (are you puking at my sappy-ness yet?). Sometimes I forget that my girls will have an instant sister when they enter the world. Lucky them. Sisters are the best. Here is one in particular I'm liking...

"Bless you, my darlings, and remember you are always in the heart-oh tucked so close there is no chance of escape-of your sister."

And what is more sentimental than a locket? I found this darling one on etsy for $18. It opens up, and I would love to put a pic of each girl in it.

Did I mention sentimentalism can also be economical when it comes to decorating a nursery?

I could go on and on about my obsession with all things sentimental. I suppose it just warms my heart, and I can only hope it warms my girls surroundings when they arrive.

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