Saturday, August 14, 2010


It was a beautiful morning today when we decided to come visit the house. It's funny how it already is starting to feel like home. Mornings are my favorite time to come see it. Mostly because I love the lighting throughout our house in the morning, and probably also because mornings are my favorite time of day to spend with Kyle. It's so fun to picture our soon-to-be little family sitting at the breakfast table together. Hopefully Sophie and Campbell will enjoy our morning rituals as much as we do. Here are some fuzzy pics of our work in progress...

This is the view from our entry way/living room into the kitchen. You can see our breakfast bar and dining area from here.

This is our living room/corner fire place with the big, pretty picture window that looks out into our back yard/patio.

This was the best pic I could get of the girls' room. It worked out great that we decided to expand this room quite a bit. It's huge!

And this is Kyle's and probably one of my favorite parts of the house-our outdoor fireplace! Actually my favorite part is right behind the fireplace...our big backyard and view of big, beautiful trees. I like to picture Sophie, Campbell, Canon, and baby blue all playing together back here...

And this is an idea I'm currently playing around with for the house. I want the paint throughout the house to be pretty neutral. However, I was recently inspired by this pic in the Pottery Barn catalog. I am toying (ok, pretty much sold) on the idea of turning our entry way wall into an accent wall. I love this color for it, too. We have six of these wooden gallery picture frames already, and I would love to add more similar picture frames, and an 'N', hanging lantern (below), or other neat decor items to the picture wall.

I have a feeling all this planning and dreaming may end up at just that once these sweet girls get here, but it's still fun to play. :)
I am also in a continual state of thanks to my dear sister and Derek for all the work they are putting into our beautiful, new home. This would never be a reality for us otherwise, and we will forever be in debt to them for their willingness to build our little dream home. We can't wait to be neighbors!

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