Thursday, August 5, 2010

Plate Wall

I came across this lovely idea for a kitchen on a blog I follow, and I am determined to make it happen in my new kitchen. I believe this plate assortment is a collection of family heirloom china plates (which I don't have access to); however, I would love to create my own eclectic plate wall. The more they don't match, the better! Below are some more ideas I have...

I received 4 of these from Williams Sonoma as a wedding gift. I would love to incorporate one or more into the wall.

This flamingo one is fun. I saw it on a blog, but I'm not sure where it's from.

And these precious ones are from, no other than, anthropologie. I would love one of each!

And even if I never get around to doing a whole wall, I would adore having this plate to put on a little display piece somewhere in my kitchen. Also an anthro piece.

It would be fun if I could come across some pretty ones at an antique store to add.

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