Saturday, October 9, 2010

Country Farmhouse

I follow a great many blogs. Obviously, my favorite ones are those of friends and family. I love reading their thoughts on things, what's going on in their lives, seeing pictures, etc. However, I also enjoy following blogs of complete strangers (creepy? Maybe.) I follow them because their lives are inspiring or they are creative and unique, and it's so interesting to me to see how other people live. I forget how I stumbled upon this wonderful blog, but it's by far one of my favorites to look at now. She and her husband are adorable, they live in a gloriously refurbished country farmhouse in Oregon (I think?). They have a gorgeous garden with breathtakingly beautiful flowers (that she freshly cuts to put in cute vases around her house, of course) and pumpkins, vegetables, etc. galore. She also frequently posts recipes and picures of dishes she makes using produce from her garden. Yes, she is a young Martha Stewart. Her fall recipes and home decor have been extra inspiring to me, which is why I think most of you would enjoy her, as well.
I'm also further drawn to her because after years of going through fertility treatments, she is now pregnant with...twins! I feel on some level we are kindred spirits, minus the fact that my husband and I live in the suburbs and failed miserably at growing any type of produce or flower. Ha. Above all, I mostly just love the simplicity of her life and home.

And since I always enjoy being introduced to new, fun blogs, I thought you might too...

A Country Farmhouse

Enjoy. :)

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