Thursday, October 7, 2010

Electronic Nesting

Since I have been insanely deprived of being able to prepare a nursery, I'm going to have to "vent" if you will on my blog. These are a few things that I cannot wait to put up in the girls' room. Obviously there are many more things I'm excited about for the nursery (seeing their 2 sweet cribs, pretty bedding, initials above their cribs, etc.), but these are just a few (oh, and thanks Pottery Barn Kids).

I adore these shelves from PB Kids. Can't wait to put some sweet pictures, piggy bank (see below) and this cute, white ballerina figure I found at Marshall's on these.

I first saw this frame on PB Kids when I was searching for a Christmas gift for my sister last year. I ended up getting it for her, having Canon's name and birthday personalized on it, and even getting his foot and hand print stamped on it without her knowing! I have wanted one ever since, and one of my mom's friends gave it to me as a gift with the girls' names on it. Can't wait to display it somewhere special!

I just think this is really fun. Again, another thoughtful gift!

And this was yet another wonderful gift from a friend. I think I'm going to put a baby pic of Kyle and I on here along with some other pics of the girls, their birth announcement, and maybe some belly pics. They even include the little clothes pins to use.

Can't wait to meet you girls! Sorry the only "nest" you will have for the first few weeks is Dad and I's overcrowded bedroom. ;)

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  1. Okay where is the birdcage from? Annie has to have that with the "bird" thing goin on in her room...Too cute!