Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Birthday

Well, it's looking more and more everyday that S & C are going to get the double whammy every year of their birthday and Halloween being back-to-back. Or maybe even on the same day! As my sister so aptly pointed out, this will make for some fun costume-clad birthday parties! I hadn't really given it much thought (or shall I say as much thought as my I-live-for-party-planning-sister), but I came across this cute blog post today and suddenly got excited about this idea. This of course will only be a possibility if these girls come before/on Halloween. And what parent doesn't love the excuse of being able to dress up their kiddo in their Halloween costume besides on Halloween?

Halloween Trick or Treat Twins Onesie Shirts

And in the event they do arrive before the 31st, hopefully I can convince my sister to whip up some cute onesies such as these for them to wear. I would hate for them to be party poopers or un-festive.

Knitted Peruvian Wool Pumpkin Hat - Infant
And I'm oh-so-close to ordering 2 of these for the girls, as well. But what a waste on the off-chance they arrive after Halloween. And I just don't think I could stand to give these away!
Oh how I wish I only knew how close to this holiday the girls would arrive. But I think they're just going to keep us guessing... ;)

*Update: I did order 2 of these beanies. The lady is making 2 of them for me for $5 total. I couldn't resist!


  1. That pumpkin hat... Come on!!! I would love for them to come on Halloween. I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the holiday. Do you remeber the movie Jack? With Robin Williams? I am sure I am the only who does but the Mom went into labor on Halloween. She was dressed in her costume at the hospital.

  2. Hahaha Ashley, you crack me up! I have no idea what movie you are talking about, but it makes me laugh to think about that happening. I think I am going to order the hats. Mostly because etsy is like cocaine to me...

  3. Looks like Sara better get crackin on your trick or treat onsies.