Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good Advice

I follow this amazing, famous blog that I'm sure many of you know about and probably follow, as well. If you don't follow her, you should. Now. Not only does she have the most charming and warm sense of humor, she writes about anything and everything, and also has the most delicious recipes you've ever eaten in her "Tasty Kitchen" section of her blog. Oh, and she lives in Oklahoma! If Kyle and I ever moved back to Taloga (although I don't foresee this ever happening), I would want to be as cool of a country gal as she is.

Anyhow, she has lots of fun posts, but I thought this particular one was delightfully charming and exceptionally true. I vow to try to live by these rules as I blog from this point on. I was initially very skeptical about ever starting a blog in the first place because I truly did not think anything in my life was exciting enough for others to read about. My reasoning in the first place was to "vent" and journal about the journey of infertility. However, 2 months later that whole journey seemingly came to an end! I suppose now it's just a very random collection of cute things I find online, home decor items I desperately want, thoughts about impending motherhood, and any other thing I think someone else would like reading. I'm sure in 2 or so months, anyone who cares to read this blog will be inundated with some pictures of some cute twin girls. Oh wait, who am I kidding? This blog will probably cease to exist upon their arrival.

In addition to these great blog guidelines, I would also add a 12th rule to this list: If the point of any one of your blog posts is to attempt to make others envy your life in any way, no one probably wants to read it (and you know if you do this or not). Please let the blogger writing this post know if any of her posts become too much cheeziness to handle.

Thanks and happy blogging! :)

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