Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A little controversy to spice things up...

So it seems like in the last month or so, I have been indundated with fascinating movies/documentaries about the controversial Mormon religion. I have always been (and really, who isn't?) fascinated with extreme forms of religions (or what most would call-cults). Before I dig into this, let me just say that some of my most favorite people I have known or know are Mormons. I also realize that the majority of the "crazy" stuff we see about the religion pertains to the fundamentalist or extreme radical Mormons. I also, at one point in my life, truly pursued what the religion itself was really about as I had a very close, long-term relationship with a guy that was Mormon. I wanted to give it a fair shot before deciding that the relationship may not ever go any further. And, upon a LOT of studying and prayer, I decided that I could never fully believe in the religion, and there were too many questions I felt had no real answer, or the real answer was hidden from me in some form. To me, any religion that "hides" things from non-members is not something our God would endorse. Nonetheless, I realize that saying this may offend anyone reading this who is a member of the church. I don't apologize for my beliefs, so I guess you should perhaps stop reading at this point if you are indeed offended.

With that said, I have thoroughly enjoyed this recent overflow of Mormon entertainment. My friend, Mary, first told me about The Mormon Proposition. This is a documentary (if you wish to see it, you can rent it On Demand underneath all of the other movies section). It was an incredibly intense look at the Proposition 8 vote that happened in California, and how much the Mormon church was involved in seeing it overturned. Moreover, how secretive and shady the church was in its involvement. The idea of gay marriage is in direct contradiction of the Mormon belief of what happens in heaven. I have to say I was blown away at the horrendous and drastic measures the church has taken against homosexuals. This movie is well worth the price of the rental. And, in my opinion, a good reminder of how Jesus would never treat any individual.

If you are looking for some good sister wife entertainment, The 19th Wife is a fabulous lifetime movie (and who doesn't love a good lifetime movie?) centered around the fundamentalist Mormon communitites, and all of the horrific brainwashing that takes place in one of these. Special thanks to another Mormon-fascinated friend of mine for informing me about this movie! It has an excellent and intense plot. It's also based upon a true story from the 1800's (I think) written by one of Brigham Young's wives. And lucky you, I just discovered today that you can watch the full movie here! So if you have a few hours to indulge, you won't be sorry you did.

And, last but not least, the TV Show I am looking forward to more than any other TV Show ever-Sister Wives on TLC. As soon as you are able to, you should set your DVR to record this show at 9 pm on Sunday, September 26th. All I can say is that it looks to be everything you want in a reality show and more. One man. Three wives. And a fourth in the works. How can this disappoint? I also must credit yet another friend for informing me about this show (gosh, I'm lucky to have so many friends to share my Mormon fascination with!).

Ok, so now that I have excited you about this controversial yet intriguing topic, I hope you enjoy these features as much as I have!


  1. I almost didn't delete the 19th wife after watching it yesterday so I could watch it sometime I had nothing else saved up! :) Nothing like a good Mormon drama to make my life feel a little more sane!

  2. I have my DVR set. Sad I missed the 19th wife but more sad you didn't text me and let me know it was on :)

  3. I totally watched the 19th Wife the other night! I'm totally intrigued by all this too! Now I have someone to gossip with :)