Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Canon!

Two years ago tomorrow, the sweetest little boy came into this world-my nephew, Canon Jon Michael. Until his debut, I had always secretly gotten slightly annoyed when people would go on and on about their nieces and nephews. I mean, it's just a niece or nephew, it's not like it's your kid. Now, I am officially one of those people who rambles on and on about the cute things my nephew does, how adorable he is, etc. to all of my friends and even people I don't know that well-I'm quite certain, to the point of annoyance. But I just can't help it! He truly has been the light of all of our lives, and I just can't get enough of him. His sweet smile, laugh, kisses, dance moves, endless energy and "Canon language" are enough to keep us entertained for hours on end. He has made his Aunt Roo and Uncle Toddy so unbelievably excited to meet our own litte ones. It's hard to believe that we will be able to love another kiddo as much as we love him. Canon, we have loved watching you grow and change right before our eyes and hope you always know how much we "ove" and adore you! We can't wait to see the little man you grow up to be. :)

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