Monday, September 13, 2010

A New Hobby

So today I stumbled upon a new hobby. I don't consider myself a creative, crafty person, but I have been on an endless hunt for cute head accessories for the girls (that aren't obscenely overpriced like everything I see in boutiques). Oh, and also don't look cheap, huge, or disgusting. You would think this would be a not-so-difficult task, but I must be extra picky when it comes to this stuff because they are few a far between. I LOVE anything on an alligator clip made out of felt, or something equally similar (see here or here). But who knows when S & C are going to have enough hair to hold one.

So today when I was aimlessly walking around Hobby Lobby after finding the picture frame I came to get (why does this always happen), I somehow ended up in one of the scrapbooking aisles (I currently do not even scrapbook) and came across these cute little flowery things that looked very similar to the rosettes that are on some headbands I recently ordered from etsy (see above). I got this crazy idea that I could find some elastic and somehow attach them. Well, low and behold I did find some elastic and voila! I would like to find some other elastic colors, but I am pretty pleased with these for now.

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  1. Way to go! Those look great. I am going to start calling you Martha.