Thursday, September 30, 2010

Infertility and Tabloids

Two random and perhaps unrelated topics. However, since I have a leisurely life these days, and I sometimes end up watching The View (never on purpose, though, I might add-Whoopie annoys the crap out of me), I came across 2 interesting topics. The first involves the reliability of the top selling tabloids. If you're like me, you may sometimes stand in line at the grocery store, contemplating which tabloids, if any to purchase for your own guilty pleasure. I usually end up buying US Weekly, if anything because they have great pics of celebrities (always my favorite feature), but I have always thought of US as the most reliable for some reason. Well, it turns out that I am right! The View did a rundown of which tabloids have come out as the most reliable. Here are the results (1 being most reliable to 5 being the least reliable).

1. US Weekly
2. Life & Style
3. In Touch
4. OK Magazine
5. Star

You can thank me the next time you have to make this all-too-important decision.

And now onto the second topic. If you are a Guliana and Bill Rancic fan like me, you will want to DVR or watch The View tomorrow (Friday, 10/1). I was first interested in them because I just think their relationship is adorable. Kyle and I got pretty into watching their reality show and still like to call each other "Rancic" on occasion (inside joke-you gotta watch the show). However, I became even more intrigued watching the show once they started to discuss their desire to get pregnant and then their subsequent infertility issues. Over the last few months I haven't kept up with them as much, but discovered that they actually had a miscarriage and continue to struggle with infertility. I remember finding comfort in their struggles as they seemingly went through infertility issues at the same time we did. Tomorrow they will be discussing the miscarriage and infertility on The View (for a preview, look here). I hope and pray that their struggles end soon, and they are blessed with a healthy baby. On a side note, I also hope, by some insane miracle, to have her body after having these babies. Oh, and her wardrobe. And hair.

Happy "View"-ing! :)

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